About project

EL Artkaa is a home services and air conditioner services company in Saudi Arabia that was struggling to attract new customers to their website. Our team helped them increase their website traffic and generate more leads by implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, creating engaging content, and running targeted ad campaigns. As a result, ELArtkaa’s website traffic increased significantly, and they saw a substantial increase in lead generation, becoming recognized as a top website development company in Saudi Arabia.

Our Task Was

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Higher website traffic
  • Higher sales and revenue
  • Improved lead generation


  • EL Artkaa faced challenges attracting new customers to their website in Saudi Arabia.
  • Our team implemented an SEO strategy, crafted engaging content, and ran targeted ad campaigns to address this challenge.
  • As a direct result, EL Artkaa experienced a significant increase in website traffic and a substantial uptick in lead generation.
  • These outcomes positioned EL Artkaa as a prominent website development company in Saudi Arabia, cementing their status in the market.