Case overview

Hafez Furniture, a well-established furniture brand in Cairo, sought our expertise to revamp their social media presence and attract a younger audience. They had a loyal customer base but struggled to connect with the younger generation who predominantly used social media platforms.

To bridge this gap, we devised a social media strategy that focused on storytelling and relatability. We created content that resonated with the target audience, showcasing how Hafez Furniture’s pieces could transform living spaces into trendy and comfortable environments.

Our team implemented influencer marketing campaigns, partnering with popular lifestyle influencers and interior design enthusiasts. Through strategic collaborations, we positioned Hafez Furniture as a brand that understood the evolving needs and preferences of the younger demographic.

As a result, Hafez Furniture experienced a surge in social media followers and engagement. They successfully expanded their customer base to include the younger generation, driving increased sales and establishing themselves as a leading furniture brand in Cairo.

Our Task Was : 

Social Media Management

Brand Strategy

Social media ADS

Video Promotional

Promotion Video

Facebook Page