Case overview

Golden Home Furniture Mall is a popular furniture retailer in Cairo. When we first partnered with them, they had a small online presence and struggled to attract customers. We started by creating a comprehensive social media strategy that focused on showcasing their unique furniture offerings.

Through eye-catching visuals and engaging content, we highlighted the mall’s diverse range of furniture options, from modern to classic styles. We also leveraged the power of influencer collaborations to increase brand awareness. By partnering with local interior designers and home decor enthusiasts, we showcased Golden Home Furniture Mall as the go-to destination for stylish and affordable furniture.

As our strategy gained traction, we noticed a significant increase in website traffic, inquiries, and ultimately, sales. Golden Home Furniture Mall experienced a boost in their customer base, with many satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences on social media. Today, they have become a leading furniture retailer in Cairo.

Our Task Was : 

Social Media Management

Brand Strategy

Social media ADS

Video Promotional

Promotion Video