Case overview

Al Saad Furniture, a renowned furniture brand in Cairo, partnered with us to leverage social media and expand their customer base. Despite their reputation, they wanted to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

To achieve this, we developed a social media strategy that focused on highlighting Al Saad Furniture’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We created visually appealing content that showcased their luxurious furniture collections and emphasized their attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, we implemented influencer collaborations to enhance brand visibility and credibility. By partnering with well-known interior designers and lifestyle influencers, we positioned Al Saad Furniture as the preferred choice for sophisticated and elegant furniture.

Through our efforts, Al Saad Furniture witnessed a substantial growth in social media followers and engagement. They experienced an increase in inquiries and online orders, solidifying their position as a leading luxury furniture brand in Cairo.

Our Task Was : 

Social Media Management

Brand Strategy

Social media ADS

Video Promotional

Promotion Video

Facebook Page