Case overview

AL Rayan Furniture, a furniture brand in Cairo, partnered with us to strengthen their social media presence and boost sales. They faced challenges in capturing the attention of their target audience and struggled to convert online engagement into actual purchases.

To address these issues, we developed a social media strategy that emphasized AL Rayan Furniture’s commitment to quality and affordability. We created visually appealing content that showcased their vast product range, highlighting the durability and style of their furniture pieces.

Furthermore, we implemented a customer-centric approach by actively engaging with AL Rayan Furniture’s followers. We responded to inquiries promptly, addressed customer concerns, and provided valuable advice on furniture selection and maintenance.

Through our efforts, AL Rayan Furniture experienced a significant increase in online orders and customer retention. Their social media engagement skyrocketed, and they became known for their excellent customer service. Today, AL Rayan Furniture enjoys a prominent position in the Cairo furniture market.

Our Task Was : 

Social Media Management

Brand Strategy

Social media ADS

Facebook Page