Case overview

Sofa-Furniture, a Cairo-based furniture retailer, approached us to help them establish a strong social media presence and boost their online sales. They faced challenges in standing out from competitors and attracting customers in a saturated market.

To address this, we developed a social media strategy that focused on showcasing Sofa-Furniture’s unique selling point—their extensive selection of comfortable and stylish sofas. We created visually appealing content that highlighted the different sofa designs, materials, and color options available.

Additionally, we implemented a user-centric approach by actively engaging with Sofa-Furniture’s followers. We responded to inquiries promptly, provided detailed product information, and offered personalized recommendations based on customers’ preferences.

Through our efforts, Sofa-Furniture experienced a significant increase in social media followers and engagement. Their online sales saw a notable boost, with customers appreciating the personalized attention and high-quality products. Today, Sofa-Furniture is recognized as a trusted and reliable furniture brand in Cairo.


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